Sorption materials

published: 11 Nov 2022  |  
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  • Session 4.2 at Aula Capella on The Sixth International Symposium on Innovative Materials and Processes in Energy Systems, 26th October 2022 at Paranimf of University of Barcelona.


    Andrea Frazzica: 'Experimental characterization of composite sorbents for thermal energy storage and desalination applications under variable boundary conditions'
    Salmon Hassanabadi: 'Kinetics of Composite Salt within Porous Matrix (CSPM) Used in Sorption Systems'
    Angelo Freni: 'Novel adsorbent coatings for open‐cycle HVAC systems: stability verification'
    Chumnanwat Suppanat: 'Zeolite/aluminum composite preparation and water vapor adsorption investigation for adsorption cooling system'
    Luisa F. Cabeza: 'Assessment of a hybrid electrical/thermal energy storage system performance in a residential building in Mediterranean climate'

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