The Spike Scraper of the Guadiana valley. Israel Andrade

published: 27 Oct 2015  |  
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  • SESSION 4 - Use-wear analyses - signs of usage on stone tools (a.k.a. traceology)
    The Spike Scraper of the Guadiana valley. Israel Andrade

    Archaeology of the Chalchihuites culture (Durango, Mexico) is remarkably interesting because it coexists between two great cultural areas in North America - NW Mexico and SW United States Southwest on one hand and Mesoamerica on the other. Chalchihuites lithics remains are scarce, especially in the Guadiana branch. The Spike Scraper studied in this region is very valuable to our understanding of the pre-Hispanic settlements of the Guadiana Valley. This tool is a unique artifact manufactured specifically in the region and has been found at the majority of the localities studied, especially at the La Ferreria site, the most representative settlement of the Guadiana branch. The scanning electron microscope analysis of the lithics suggests some functionality designed by the Chalchihuites group, as well the importance of the artifact: from the raw materials selection, manufacture development and the social-economic value. This study analyses the Spike Scraper in several aspects, starting with the lithic typology, its use and function, its geographic distribution among the diverse archaeology sites in the Guadiana Valley and its significant relationship with the Chalchihuites culture.

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