Thermochemical Energy Storage Materials (III)

published: 11 Nov 2022  |  
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  • Session 8.1 Thermochemical Energy Storage Materials (III) at Aula Magna on The Sixth International Symposium on Innovative Materials and Processes in Energy Systems, 27th October 2022 at Paranimf of University of Barcelona.

    Chair: M. Linder


    Junichi Ryu. The role of Li compounds on the reaction of magnesium hydroxide for thermochemical energy storage
    Kartik Jain. Modelling of a thermochemical energy storage system using potassium carbonate salt hydrate.
    Aldo Cosquillo. Thermochemical cycling of modified Ca(OH)2‐based granules: real‐ time visualisation and analysis
    Candida Milone. Materials perspective and innovation strategies for thermochemical heat storage at low‐ and middle‐temperature ranges

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