Plenary Session: Making creative cities in Europe by Sako Musterd

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  • Plenary Session 'Making creative cities in Europe' by Sako Musterd in the congress 'Framing a Competitive Future: The Creative and Knowledge Economy in European Cities' of the project 'Accommodating Creative Knowledge (ACRE)'.

    The project is funded under the priority 7 ‘Citizens and Governance in a knowledge-based society’ within the Sixth Framework Programme of the EU. In this project we aim to assess the impact of the emerging ‘creative class’ and the rise of the ‘creative industries’ on the competitiveness of EU metropolitan regions (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Birmingham, Budapest, Dublin, Helsinki, Leipzig, Milan, Munich, Poznan, Riga, Sofia and Toulouse). This will help to significantly improve our understanding of the conditions that shape the emergence of a creative knowledge economy and of its importance for enhanced competitiveness.

    This intervention takes place in the Paranimf of the University of Barcelona, on the 27th May 2010.

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