Stone tool production in Northwestern Spain. Carlos Rodríguez

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  • SESSION 3 – Stone tool production and processing techniques
    Stone tool production in Northwestern Spain: some insights on the specifics of the quartz group

    The lithic assemblages from those sites located on constrained lithological regions, such as Northwestern Iberia, are usually characterized by the predominance of specific raw materials such as quartzite or quartz. The consideration of some of these raw materials as a homogeneous group hinders the full recognition of their management and the analysis of the technological dynamics applied to these rocks by the prehistoric societies. Regarding quartz, such uniform consideration does not usually take into account either the formation processes, nor the textural variability or the mechanical properties of this raw material.

    In this presentation, the quartz morphostructural groups are presented as a simple but useful methodological tool for apprehending the variability within this raw material. These variables are focused on the texture and homogeneity of the blanks: specifically on the presence of internal flaws and on the grain size. Along with the technological studies, this classification will allow us to identify the selection criteria applied on quartz and its relevance to the technical needs required by the different strategies.

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