Use-wear analysis of quartzite lithic implements from the Middle Paleolithic site of Lagoa Do Bando. Luigi Berruti

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  • SESSION 4 - Use-wear analyses - signs of usage on stone tools (a.k.a. traceology)
    Use wear analysis of quartzite lithic implements From the Middle Paleolithic site of Lagoa do Bando (Central Portugal)

    The Middle Palaeolithic site of Lagoa do Bando is an open air site in a fluvio-lacustrine context located at 570 a.s.l., in the municipality of Macao, in the center of Portugal. The site was discovered in 2011, during an emergency excavation, and resulted in the recovery of a lithic industry composed mainly of fine grain quartzite implements of Discoid and Levallois technology. The raw material was not identified near the site, but in the valley of small streams some kilometres away. In fact, the reduction sequence analysis indicates that only the final stages of production took place at the site.

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