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App SocUB.

The UB inside an app

The SocUB app is intuitive, access-friendly and it offers information on all services of interest for the students.

On your way to the faculty, checking the UB mail and reading about the upcoming activities of your centre. Using your lunch break to take part in a UB contest. On your way home, getting CRAI notifications to pick up the book you booked and see how to get there thanks to the geolocation function. Everything in just one app. This, and more, is what SocUB offers: practical and customized information on the University, apart from a collection of the most important services for the university life, which the student will always have at his or her hands using a phone device.

Willing to reach more and more people, this app has a visitor profile, accessible for all audiences

SocUB is the new free app for the students of the University of Barcelona. It is available in Catalan, Spanish and English and works for Android and iOS devices. The app offers customized information and practical resources to help students on their everyday life at the University. This aims to set an instant and efficient communication channel with students, apart from strengthening the feeling of belonging to the UB community. The launch of the app is part of the digital transformation process of the UB.

To enter the app, you only have to use your identification and password codes, which the students already use to enter Món UB. Once inside, you can access all the functions offered by the app and you can also personalize your home screen with the functions you prefer. Willing to reach more and more people, SocUB offers a visitor profile, accessible for all audiences, which includes information and general services of the University.

The University inside your pocket

By using this app, students can get relevant notifications and communications, which can be customized as emerging notifications, to get information about issues such as the closing of the building, a grant being accepted, or the date they have to return a book to the library. They can also move around the campuses and main services of the University and get there easily thanks to the geolocation function.

Also, the students can access the Virtual Campus and the UB mail through the app. They can also use the Eduroam Wi-Fi through a direct link.

And there is so much more yet. The new app includes functions such as accessing basic services of the University (grants, integration to labour market and libraries), be updated on news and important events of the institution (which can be noted down in the agenda), take part in UB contests, answering opinion surveys and questionnaires and check the benefit and discount plan in UB services and collaborating companies. And there is even more to check out.

All these functions will be under a constant review and evolution, with the objective to make everything easier for the students in the University.

The new app gathers the most important services for the university life, which the students can always check through a phone device.
The new app gathers the most important services for the university life, which the students can always check through a phone device.



How to use it

The app has been designed for an easy and intuitive navigation. However, in order to make the most of it, there is an informative site to show, through several videos, the functions of the app and how to customize it.

In the same page, you can download the app by clicking on the links of the official Google Store (for Android) and App Store (for iOS) sites, but you can also access the web version of the app.

In order to offer user support, there is an email address available: You can also send comments and suggestions, apart from informing about technical problems, through the app.

A new step in digital transformation

The SocUB app, developed by Ex Libris, has been promoted by the Unit of Corporate Image and Marketing of the University, in collaboration with the Area for Information and Communication Technologies, and the Vice-rector’s Office of Digital Transformation.

La app SocUB, desarrollada por Ex Libris, ha sido promovida por la Unidad de Imagen Corporativa y Marketing de la Universidad, en colaboración con el Área de Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación y el Vicerrectorado de Transformación Digital.

With this app, the UB opts for offering a reliable communication channel in real time with the students and steps forward in its digital transformation process.

Future versions of the SocUB app are expected to reach other people as well, so there might be profiles for specific audiences, such as future students.

Download the SocUB app and take the University with you!

The app will be available in the official sites of Google Play (for Android) and App Store (for iOS), as well as its website version.
Having your timetables always available is one of the options of the app thanks to the academic agenda Chronos, also integrated with geolocation system to know where the lessons and exams take place.