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The University of Barcelona has a history of 570 years.
The UB, open to the world


Ranked among the best European universities with over 570 years of history, the UB has excellent course offerings and research, and is based in the city of Barcelona.

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The University of Barcelona has a wide range of bachelor’s, master’s and postgraduate courses in all knowledge areas. The UB is always focused the needs of a changing society and ensures that the course offerings go beyond the requirements of quality agencies. Students with qualifications issued outside Spain can be admitted to the university. Consult the admission requirements that apply to your situation for either full courses or temporary stays at the UB.

Admission with foreign qualifications

Internationalization and indicators of international activity.

An international university

The University of Barcelona incorporates an international dimension into its teaching activity and it is committed to participation in international networks and collaboration with prestigious university and research centres.

Internationalization map

Indicators of international activity

International networks and associations

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Mobilty and exchange

Every year, the UB welcomes thousands of students from universities worldwide to take part of their bachelor’s degree or master’s degree courses on our campus. Temporary stays at the UB for a maximum of two semesters can be carried out by agreement between universities, through an exchange programme (Erasmus or others) or based on an individual application.

Temporary stays

Study at the UB: academic offering in English

Find out about the use of languages at the UB.

Languages at the UB

Catalan is the native and official language of the UB and is used in teaching along with Spanish. The two languages are common in the bachelor’s and master’s degree classes and there are also an increasing number of pathways and subjects in English.

Languages ​​of the studies

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Services that are available to the university community

UB services

As a university that is focused on people, the UB offers a set of services that complement teaching and research activity: libraries, online services, publishing, sports, IT support and many others.

Services of the University of Barcelona

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