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The UB improves fifteen positions in QS

The UB is listed in the top 13% universities worldwide, according to QS World University Rankings

The University of Barcelona improves fifteen positions in the prestigious QS World University Rankings. Specifically, it holds the 168th position worldwide among more than 1,600 higher education institutions, while last year it held the 183rd position. With this result, the UB is listed among the top 13% universities worldwide. Since the ranking began using the current methodology, nine years ago, the University of Barcelona has improved positions: it has climbed positions in five editions, it has remained the same in two editions, and has gone down in two occasions.

In indicators, the University of Barcelona has climbed 103 positions in citations per faculty.

The UB is listed as the top Spanish university in this edition of the QS World University Rankings. It appears followed by the Autonomous University of Madrid (207), the Autonomous University of Barcelona (209), the Complutense University of Madrid (223), Pompeu Fabra University (248), and the University of Navarra (266).

Moreover, the UB reaches the 55th position among the total number of European universities, an “extremely important” result, according to the rector Joan Guàrdia, “since our frame of reference is the European one, it is where we have to compare in the first place”.

The rector qualifies the results of the UB in the ranking as exceptionally positive and highlights the involvement of the university community when reaching these, “from TRS to AdSS, passing through the students, who dynamize and prove the knowledge we generate at the University”. “We have carried out an enormous task, I would like to see the results if, in addition, we had the level of funding of the institutions that hold the first positions in the ranking”, concludes Joan Guàrdia.

Performance in the QS World University Rankings.

Following the indictors, the University of Barcelona stands out in academic reputation, where it holds the 87th position worldwide. Apart from assessing this aspect, which accounts for the 40%, the QS World University Rankings assess the employer reputation, accounting for a 10%, the citations per faculty (20%), the faculty/student ratio (20%), the international faculty ratio (5%) and the international student ratio (5%). The UB has significantly improved in the indicator of citations per faculty, where it has climbed 103 positions.

According to the QS World University Rankings 2022, the top universities worldwide are, in this order, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of Oxford, and sharing the position, Stanford University and Cambridge University.