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The commitment of teaching and research staff is essential to establish synergies with the business sector and to transfer technologies and solutions.
We contribute to the improvement of social welfare

Innovation and transfer activities

A strong connection between the university and the business world to transfer knowledge and innovation.

The University of Barcelona participates actively in the progress of society through the transfer of knowledge.

The University of Barcelona establishes synergies with other groups of interest, particularly in the business world, which needs the scientific advances and progress of the university to optimise its processes and improve its results.

The Science Park of the University of Barcelona that is an international benchmark as a space for research, transfer and innovation in life sciences. It has over 100,000 m2 available for companies and laboratories and houses almost 2,800 professionals.

Through the Transfer Office, the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation supports researchers, companies and institutions, and investors in a flexible, effective way and promotes the development of innovation projects through various forms of collaboration: technological cooperation, a license agreement or the creation of spinoffs.

The University of Barcelona also hosts the UB’s Science and Technology Centres, which aim to support research and innovation in the fields of chemistry or bioscience.

Our success stories

A new technology developed by Virtual Bodyworks addresses the problem of sexist violence through immersive virtual reality
Virtual reality to increase empathy with victims
Participants enter the body of a woman who experiences a domestic aggression through glasses and an immersive virtual reality device
Biovert asked the research group ANTIOX, from the Faculty of Biology of the University of Barcelona, for advice in order to collaborate on the development of a new product that causes flower buds to break dormancy in a uniform way.
Awaken the trees
The European Union banned the substance that was commonly used to break the dormancy, which brought about the demand for an alternative product.
ADAS 3D is an imaging software that helps cardiologists treat two of the most prevalent types of arrhythmia.
3D imaging to improve the treatment of arrhythmia
3D images make it possible to plan the procedure, thus reducing the risk of making mistakes.

Facts and figures

Year after year, the University of Barcelona is improving the results of transfer of knowledge to society. The data situate the UB as one of the strongest universities in this area.

innovative university in Spain (Reuters TOP 100)
€ 19M
in R&D projects
companies and institutions
professionals at the PCB, benchmark in innovation
patents managed by the FBG
spinoffs created
Spanish university in patent applications (2018)
square meters of laboratory surface at the PCB
The University of Barcelona establishes that the research staff must work in accordance with the highest standards to ensure the integrity of research in compliance with the university missions.
Services for companies and institutions

The UB offers structures and services that facilitate the transfer of knowledge to companies and institutions.

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