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Research at the University of Barcelona has a great social and economic impact.
A unique hub for the creation of knowledge

Research at the UB

Research activity at the University of Barcelona has a social and economic impact at local, state and international levels.

Ethics and integrity

The UB considers it essential to guarantee the integrity of research that is carried out.

Research committed to ethical criteria

At the University of Barcelona, research staff works with the highest ethical standards to ensure the integrity of the research that they undertake, according our The University of Barcelona’s Code of Conduct for Research Integrity.

The UB is strongly committed to improving institutional policies of recruitment of research staff and guarantee the best working conditions.

Engaged with the Agenda for Ethics Research of the League of European Research Universities (LERU), the University of Barcelona has the HR Excellence in Research seal from the European Commission.

Four committees ensure the integrity of research

University research often involves undertaking trials that could have ethical implications. The University of Barcelona has four specific committees to ensure that experimental design complies with current regulations. The committees collaborate with research staff to analyse the ethical implications of projects and draw up reports when required in calls for applications.

The University of Barcelona adheres to the Transparency agreement on the use of animals in scientific experimentation, promoted by the Federation of Spanish Scientific Societies (COSCE) with the collaboration of the European Animal Research Association (EARA). This membership was approved by the UB Research Committee on 30 November 2017.

Ethical committees

The favourable decision of the ethical committee in the centre in which the project will be carried out is a legally established requirement to start any research on humans, using biological samples from humans and personal data.

Bioethics Committee of the University of Barcelona

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The Animal Experimentation Ethics Committee of the UB (CEEA-UB) regulates the use of animals for experimentation and other scientific purposes.

Ethics Committee for Animal Experiments

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Comitè Ètic de la investigació de l’Hospital Clínic de Barcelona s'encarrega de...

Research Ethics Committee of the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona

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The Research Ethics Committee (CEI) of the Hospital Universitari of Bellvitge has the aim of safeguarding the protection of rights and the well-being of humans who participate in research projects.

Research Ethics Committee of the Ciutat Sanitària of Bellvitge

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The environmental, social and cultural commitment of the UB
An ethical and engaged University with our society

Discover the environmental, social and cultural commitment of the University of Barcelona.

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