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The research of the University of Barcelona has a big social impact and economic.
A unique hub for the creation of knowledge

Research at the UB

Research activity at the University of Barcelona has a social and economic impact at local, state and international levels.

Successful cases

 Levantine rock art.

The detectives of the past

The main prehistoric findings that have been registered in Catalonia over the last two decades have the stamp of the Prehistoric Studies and Research Seminar (SERP) of the UB, which deeply contributed to the information of this period in the territory.

Further information
Licia Verde is a cosmologist at the Institute of Cosmos Sciences at the University of Barcelona.
Licia Verde: a distinguished career in precision cosmology
Licia Verde joined the Institute of Cosmos Sciences in 2009, when she was one of the scientists under the age of forty with the highest number of citations. Today, she is one of the most prestigious scientists in precision cosmology.
The researcher Bernat Hereu is the director of the initiative.
IRBio and its fight against ghost fishing
The project "Evitem la pesca fantasma", born in 2008, has allowed the recovery of more than 130 abandoned fishing gears on the Catalan coast and thus avoid their impact on the seabed and marine biodiversity.
The human brain and its illness.
X-raying the human brain
The path of the Institute of Neurosciences of the UB is meteoric. It has become the most important research centre in neurosciences in Spain and is a reference model in Europe.
The UB research institutes are synonymous with excellence and quality.
UB scientific output

See the scientific output of the UB.

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