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The UB Science Festival brings together primary and secondary schools on a day in which they can meet with the main UB research groups.
UB research, within everyone's reach

Scientific dissemination

The UB promotes a social interest in science and increasing interest in scientific careers

The University of Barcelona gets closer to society to explain the importance of research and its benefits

Researchers of the University de Barcelona participate in disseminating research results through activities aimed at promoting an interest in science among non-specialised audiences of all ages. The programme ‘La UB divulga’, by the Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit (UCC+i) of the UB, covers scientific dissemination activities at the University of Barcelona.

Among its main actions are the Science Festival, an annual event that brings research staff into contact with the general public. In addition, the unit carries out activities for primary and secondary schools, such as ‘Camins infinits’ (Infinite Paths) or the Crystallization at School Contest, and other actions such as Arque UB or the ‘La caravana de la ciència’ (The caravan of science).

La UB Divulga

Find out activities of dissemination for everyone

La UB Divulga
Research at the University of Barcelona has a great impact on the production and social sectors in Catalonia and Spain.
What milestones has the UB achieved in research?

These successful cases reveal the impact of the research carried out at the UB.

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