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Our seventy-trhree bachelor’s degrees and sixteen dual track degrees are the culmination of top-quality programmes: extensive, stable and innovative.

Xavier Mas Craviotto, bachelor's degree in Catalan

Why did I choose the UB?

When I ask myself why I chose the University of Barcelona to study Catalan philology, lots of different reasons immediately come to mind. The Faculty of Philology is in the heart of Barcelona: well connected, with the whole city within reach; so it’s ideal for people who come from places outside the metropolitan area and for whom it’s often difficult to access the centre of Barcelona. And those classrooms and the Pati de Lletres have seen lauded writers, renowned philologists and scholars who have become the fundamental pillars of education and research, both in language and in literature; and there are still instructors giving lessons who have made me examine the language and the texts with the rigour they deserve. I don’t think I can ever thank them enough.

Xavier Mas Craviotto
Bachelor’s degree in Catalan

Other testimonials

Sofia Pijoan, Bachelor’s degree in Archaeology
“I chose the UB because of its underwater archaeology placements”
Sofia Pejoan
Bachelor’s degree in Archaeology
Albert Boladeras, Bachelor’s degree in Medicine
“The UB is a guarantee of quality and international visibility”
Albert Boladeras
Bachelor’s degree in Medicine
Laia Garcia, Bachelor’s degree in Primary Education
“The UB has focused attention for its Primary Education programme”
Laia Garcia
Bachelor’s degree in Primary Education
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