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The UB offers a wide range of university master's degrees for you.

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The University of Barcelona offers over a hundred and fifty university master’s degrees in all areas of knowledge.

Oriol Roger, student of Citizenship and Values Education

Why did I choose the UB?

I chose the University of Barcelona because we were already old friends from the bachelor’s degree. I graduated as an educator, that’s how I started by university journey. The UB helped me understand the link between yesterday, today and tomorrow. I have discovered an institution that works to rediscover itself, that searches for value to accumulate. As in this postmodern society, sometimes successfully, sometimes unsuccessfully. At the moment I’m taking the master’s degree in Citizenship and Values Education, a master’s degree that keeps me connected to the study of thought and culture. In my case, I think the UB has helped me to carry on cultivating this approach. An approach that identifies me and that is understood from a human, comprehensive, transforming perspective.

Oriol Roger
Master's degree in Citizenship and Values Education

Other testimonials

Víctor Vilà, student of Sport Business Management
“I´m proud to study at the UB, a symbol of knowledge and rigour”
Víctor Vilà
Master’s degree in Sport Business Management
Maria Vigo, student of Oceanography and Marine Environmental Management
“The master´s degree introduced me to marine sciences”
Maria Vigo
Master’s degree in Oceanography and Marine Environmental Management
Sofia Segura, student of Educational Psychology
“I chose the UB because of the syllabus and the strong teaching team”
Sofia Segura
Master’s degree in Educational Psychology
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