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Discover the reasons to study at the best university in Spain.
International excellence and prestige

Why choose the UB?

Because our university provides everything you need to train at an excellent institute with the highest quality services. Discover us.

Professional careers

The University of Barcelona has a team of advisers to provide personal advice and group programmes of activities that will help you to define your professional goal, to train in the key competences that are valued most in the job market and to define strategies for searching for work and a personal brand. Discover all the career guidance activities at the UB.

The University of Barcelona will personally advise you to help you to define your professional profile.

In-company placements

The University of Barcelona will help you to complete your training and gain experience in a professional and work environment by completing academic placements in Spanish and international companies, institutions and associations. Over fifteen thousand are managed every academic year, find yours!

The UB manages over fifteen thousand placements every academic year.

Job offers and entrepreneurship

Once you have graduated, you can access the University of Barcelona job bank where you will find job offers in all areas and economic sectors. If you are an entrepreneur and you want to promote and develop your business idea, the University of Barcelona will provide guidance and support from the initial idea to consolidation of your project and the foundation of a company.

The University of Barcelona will help you to consolidate your project and launch the company.

With the collaboration of the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy, through the State Public Employment Service (SEPE).

Amb la col·laboració del Ministeri de Treball, Migracions i Seguretat Social, mitjançant el Servei Públic d'Ocupació Estatal (SEPE).
Indicators of labor insertion
Labour insertion

Check out labour insertion indicators of the University of Barcelona.

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