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Active learning and methodologies

The training model at the University of Barcelona is based on competency-based education in which spaces are created for learning with commitment, a critical spirit, rigour, responsibility, sustainability, diversity, accessibility, the gender perspective and the relationship with society in the local and international environment. Students are the main actors and teaching strategies prioritize active methodologies such as gamification, flipped classroom, problem-based learning, case studies, project-based work, service-learning and collaborative learning. Digital files, simulations, personal learning systems, learning management systems, web environments and social networks are also used.

The student is the main actor in the teaching and learning processes, based on teaching strategies.

Teaching and innovation

The teacher training model integrates three areas from the most advanced university teacher training programmes: educational training and teaching and learning tools, teaching innovation, and research in university teaching. Part of the University of Barcelona’s teaching policy is implemented through the Research, Innovation and Improvement of Teaching and Learning (RIMDA) programme, which fosters the creation of teaching projects and the consolidation of teaching innovation groups through financial aid and teaching support. The areas of innovation include learning in virtual environments, training to develop professional skills, assessment, teaching teams, active learning methodologies and the analysis of learning.

Part of the University of Barcelona's teaching policy is developed through the Research, Innovation and Improvement of Teaching and Learning (RIMDA) programme.

Professional development

Teaching staff at the University of Barcelona updates their knowledge to obtain higher levels of excellence in teaching, research and management. The Institute of Professional Development (IDP-ICE) promotes lifelong learning; accredits attendance of courses, seminars, conferences and activities; and supports the areas established by the rector’s office in accordance with the real needs and requests of schools and faculties.The Learning and Research Resources Centre (CRAI) offers teaching staff advice and guidance on the use of technological tools, as well as the creation of teaching resources.

The Institute for Professional Development promotes lifelong learning and accredits attendance of courses, seminars, conferences and activities.

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Teaching innovation is a defining feature of our university’s training model.

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