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The University of Barcelona provides significant social support to the most vulnerable people.
Supporting society


The University of Barcelona is aware of its social and environmental responsability, and its strong commitment with the culture.

Social policies

The UB Solidarity Foundation plays a key role in the areas of solidarity and volunteering.

Solidarity and volunteering, at the heart of the UB

The promotion of human rights and the culture of peace through collaboration with people or local institutions, social volunteering, and strengthening development cooperation are three areas in which the University of Barcelona pays particular attention.

The UB channels its activity through the UB Solidarity Foundation, which adapts its areas of activity to the seventeen UN Sustainable Development Goals. In 2019, in the area of volunteering, the UB collaborated with 51 entities and carried out 75 activities with 2,095 volunteers.

All solidarity actions
The aim of the UB Equality Unit is to support and monitor the policies of democracy, justice, equality and solidarity for the entire university community, and to comply with the provisions in the fourth article of the Statute of the University of Barcelona.

Gender equality

Incorporating the gender perspective into the university environment is the main objective of the Equality Unit of the UB, which works to increase the visibility of equality and the work-life balance, promote non-sexist use of language and establish a policy of prevention and eradication of violence against women, among other actions.

One area of action of the UB Student Support Service consists of supporting students who have special education needs.


The UB wants students with specific educational needs to be able to enjoy real equal opportunities in their academic life. That is why the Integration Programmes Unit works for an inclusive university with direct and individual actions for students who require them.

A healthy University


As part of the Agenda 2030, the University of Barcelona is promoting actions focused on the physical and emotional health of the university community.