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The University of Barcelona carries out an important task of social support for various groups of people.
Supporting society


The University of Barcelona is aware of its social and environmental responsability, and its strong commitment with the culture.

Social responsability

Every year, the University of Barcelona publishes a corporate social responsibility report.

Contributing to social welfare

Since its foundation in 1450, the University of Barcelona has evolved along with society. Being a socially responsible institution means being aware that your activity has an economic, social and environmental impact. Therefore, in 2009, the UB decided to incorporate the values of social responsibility into its daily management. Since then, the University of Barcelona has published its annual social responsibility report (since 2018-2019, named Sustainable Development Report), in which it describes the main actions carried out in this area.

The latest edition, corresponding to 2018-2019, contains exhaustive information on governance, teaching and research. Information on our responsibility to workers, students and the environment, and on the economic impact, among others, can also consulted. A very relevant novelty is that for the first time the report includes the contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) made by the University of Barcelona.

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Currently, the University of Barcelona bases its actions in this area on the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) agreed by the UN. For this reason, is fully engaged in this programme and has created a Sustainable Development Commission to monitor the results.

The universities, which are essential to train citizens and to generate knowledge, must play an important role in the achievement of the SDGs. Therefore, changes have been made in the heart of the University of Barcelona to contribute to changing and improving the world.

The universities, which are essential to train citizens and to generate knowledge, must play an important role in the achievement of the SDGs

Nowaday, work is being done to incorporate the perspective of the Sustainable Development Goals in UB bachelor’s and master’s degrees and the university has decided to increase the visibility of all research that contributes to increasing sustainable development.

The European university model that is led by the University of Barcelona, CHARM-EU, aims to promote European values and reconsider the role of Europe in the world, in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals.

The University of Barcelona works every day to reduce CO2 emissions.
A sustainable university

Discover how the University of Barcelona reduces its carbon footprint through its sustainable development plans.

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