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The University of Barcelona has 570 years of history.
A guarantee of 570 years of history

The University

The University of Barcelona is synonymous with a vocation to serve citizens, making progress and innovation one of its highest goals.

Governing bodies

The Senate is the highest body of university representation and is responsible for drafting, modifying and developing the University Statute and overseeing the University’s governing bodies and leaders.


It represents the whole University community and oversees the management of the University’s governing bodies.

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The Governing Council establishes policy in terms of University strategy and programming and the guidelines to be applied in the areas of teaching, research, human resources and budgeting.

Governing Council

It is the collegial body that establishes the main guidelines at the University of Barcelona on teaching, research and management.

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The Board of Trustees is made up of nine representatives of Catalan society and six representatives of the university community.

Board of Trustees

It is the body through which civil society participates in the University, monitoring the economic issues and promoting the engagement of society in its financing.

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The Ombuds Office aims to improve university quality, and its actions are governed by the principles of freedom and autonomy.

Ombuds Officer

It is responsible for ensuring the rights and freedoms of the university community (students, faculty, administration and service staff) in order to improve university quality in all fields.

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The Advisory Board is composed of the rector, the Secretary General and twenty-five members appointed by the Governing Council; the Conference of Deans is made up of deans and centre directors.

Consultative bodies

The Advisory Board advises the Rector and the Governing Council in all areas. The Committee of Deans also advises the Rector and other bodies.

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Student Council.
Student Council

It is the representative body of students at the University of Barcelona, comprising the students of the Senate.

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