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The University of Barcelona has 570 years of history.
A guarantee of 570 years of history

The University

The University of Barcelona is synonymous with a vocation to serve citizens, making progress and innovation one of its highest goals.

UB Group

The UB Group is made up of organizations with legal and pecuniary autonomy working under the direction of the University of Barcelona. Through this entity, the UB implements its strategies in different areas of knowledge, such as transferring knowledge to society (a function carried out by the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation) and offering quality services to companies that facilitate the transfer of knowledge between the university and research setting and the business world (the mission of the Barcelona Science Park). The University of Barcelona has the power to appoint or dismiss most of the members of the governing bodies of these organizations.

Charitable-teaching foundations

There is, under the umbrella of the University of Barcelona, a group of foundations with close historic ties to the UB. These organizations dedicate their resources to promoting student scholarships and grants.

The Pedro Pons Foundation, Guasch Coranty Foundation and the Montcelimar Foundation provide support for UB research.
Cooperation between the university and society brings with it great societal benefits.
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