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The UB launches its new website.

Website launch

The University of Barcelona will offer a more updated and functional space

A new website inspired on the principles of usability, functionality and simplicity. The University of Barcelona presents a space that improves visual aspects, design, directness and content accessibility. The change in the UB website aims to optimize the communication with the internal audience, attract new external audiences and strengthen the UB brand.

This website is also aimed at the needs of external users

This technological renewal project which has just been born, and which will be a great advance in the university’s digitalization, will be carried out in three phases. The users will now notice some notable changes, such as:

  • A simplified navigation. The new website offers a burger menu on the upper left side of the Homepage, in order to make content access easier.
  • Creation of the main menu and secondary menus to find the information easily. There are four main sections -Study, Research, Participate and The UB- and eight secondary menus divided into target audiences -Future students, International, Corporations, Entrepreneurship, Alumni, UB Facilities, Press Room and Contact-.
  • Promotion of the university-society collaboration. The main new issue is a sponsorship site that will allow users to provide economic support to research and UB-heritage initiatives.
  • More audiovisual content. The presence of content is simplified and multimedia gains presence, showing a neat and accurate design.
  • Adaptation to phone devices. The new website applies the responsive web design principles. This makes the structure and content of the website to adapt perfectly to any kind of smartphones and tablets.

The second phase will be here this winter, 2020, with the adaptation of the new design for the sites of the Doctoral School, Job Portal and Transparency Portal, among others, as well as the launch of the app “Soc UB”.

Last, in Spring 2021, the domain “” will be opened, as well as the adaptation of the websites for the faculties. This final phase will also cover two distinguished new items:

  • The activation of a powerful general search engine with Google technology able to find content in just a few seconds and with little error margin.
  • The launch of a predictive model of a search engine for studies that will help us find any bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, postgraduate studies and doctoral program in no time.
  • The opening of Course curriculum sheets, through which the students can find all the necessary information about the studies they want to enrol in.

Redefining how to communicate at the UB

The current website has been active for a decade now and it was time it underwent a modern change to adapt to the new times, and at the same time start a new way of communication at the UB, as the Vice-Rector for Communication of the University of Barcelona, Francisco Esteban, states: “In ten years, both communication and social relationships have been redefined. The University could not remain far from these changes”. Also, the vice-rector talks about the renewal of the website in the interview which can be listened at the bottom of the report (only in Catalan).

Joaquim Fonoll, CEO at Miles, the company that advised the UB on the strategical definition of the new website, insists simplicity is the basic concept for any current portal: “Nowadays, we can identify three strategical approaches that co-exist in most corporate platforms: authority, awareness and engagement”. The first refers to how an organization transfers its reputation and prestige to the digital world. Awareness is related to talent attraction objectives and communication values. The last approach refers to the collaboration between the organization and its audiences. Regarding the UB, students, AdSS, TRS and society in general. “These three pillars should be perfectly reflected in the new UB website”, notes Fonoll.

Anna Casals, Project manager at the company KingeClient, in charge of the conceptualization and design of the new digital project of the UB, summarizes the benefits of the portal in three concepts: improvement in navigation, new architecture of information and optimal user experience. “This page simplification and landing format for each section will make content management easier for all the sections in these pages”, concludes Casals.

A step towards the future

In order to inform its audiences about the objectives of the developments that take place in the renewal of the institutional portal, the website has a landing and a form, where users can address and send their suggestions to the team in charge of the project development.

With the update and modernity of the website, the University of Barcelona clearly opts for the optimization of navigation and the improvement of the user experience, apart from stepping towards its process on digital transformation.

The main page of the UB website in 2000.
Page of the institutional website in 2000, where text prevails over images.
Page of the management structure of the UB in 2000.
Website of the Faculty of Pedagogy in 2000.
Website of the Faculty of Medicine in 2000.
Website of the University of Barcelona, in 2005.
Home page of the institutional website on July 1, 2020, days before the website change.
The last home of the old website
Current view of the faculty page in the new UB website.