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The University of Barcelona welcomes the new students.

Welcome to our new students

The University of Barcelona guides the students during their first days and offers them information about all its services.

The first day of university marks a before and after in anyone’s life. The University of Barcelona provides students with specific, useful and interesting information: ranging from housing options to recommendations in order to apply for grants (Ministry, AGAUR, and others from UB-specific programs); going through the language courses offer; and how UB Sports works. These are, among others, some of the services offered at the University, which the students can easily find in the Welcome website.

Mercè Puig: “In this difficult context, the University will guard for an enriching university life”

The academic year 2020/2021 is marked by the exceptionality of this time. Therefore, the UB will begin a restricted face-to-face learning –as long as possible in accordance to the health situation– but applying all necessary measures to preserve the quality of its studies.

Executive Council say that “special attention will be paid to guarantee a high level of face-to-face attendancefor first-year students, who will enter the campus for the first time”. “Also –they continue–, emphasis will be put on the actions of the tutorial action plans in order to improve and optimize the academic performance, as well as to promote the autonomy and responsibility”.

The vice-rector for Academic Planning and Quality, Mercè Puig, adds that “it is hard to anticipate to what extent the exceptionality of this moment will influence the daily life in the campus”, and notes that “the UB will do everything the health authorities announce to guarantee the students’ safety. In this difficult context, the University will guard for an enriching university life”.

The vice-rector for Academic Planning and Quality, Mercè Puig, at the office.
The vice-rector for Academic Planning and Quality, Mercè Puig, working in the office.

The journey to the enrolment

All people who apply to study at the UB receive, first, a welcome email from the rector, and a message from the dean of the faculty where they will study. With this first contact, the students are told to visit the welcome website to access the information specifically aimed at the first-year students. Also, during August and September, the Student Support Services of the University of Barcelona will attend to, through several channels, doubts and questions of future students regarding, mainly, the enrolment process.

Given the particular circumstances caused by the health crisis, this year’s information sessions will take place in early September, online. These provide specific information about the Faculty and the studies of every student, and they also offer the possibility to interact through a chat in order to get questions answered. Students will be able to enrol when they have all the information, and this will be done online, with the help from the faculties and a support guide for online enrolment.

During the first week of class, there will be face-to-face welcoming activities at the faculties so first-year students can get to know each other. In October, the students will receive their UB card and folder, an action that closes the welcoming process.

Life at the UB: accommodation, languages and sports

The University of Barcelona is the most important public university in Catalonia, and it combines the fact of being an innovative institution and institution of excellence in the field of teaching and research, plus regarded as an urban, open and cosmopolitan university. With six university campuses around the city, the UB offers a network of sixteen faculties and nine affiliated centers that contribute to the creation, transmission and dissemination of knowledge. The website Meet the UB is a great source for the students to get familiar with the institution.

Aware of the importance of learning languages, the UB offers the students the possibility to learn up to 33 different languages and study courses to perfect their Catalan without leaving the campus.

Furthermore, the Learning and Research Resources Centre (CRAI) deserves to be mentioned as well. It was created in 2004, when it was necessary to adapt the Library of the University of Barcelona to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and the European Research Area (ERA). The sixteen libraries of its network are distributed around the different campuses and which provides access to information resources, and offers the necessary quality services to contribute to the creation and dissemination of knowledge and full training of future professionals.

Housing options are another strength of the UB. This is the only public university in Catalonia with three major halls of residence, in which, apart from accommodation and support, look after human, cultural and scientific training. Also, the UB has an own university residence, in this case operated by an external company, and the students who wish so, can stay in one of the private halls of residence affiliated at the University of Barcelona or another residence with an UB-agreement.

Regarding sports, the UB has one of the largest sports complexes in Barcelona, which offers a wide range of guided activities. Moreover, the UB takes part in the Catalan University Championships with the UB Teams in different sports: basketball, football, futsal, handball, rugby and volleyball. Regarding individual sports, the UB provides the students with participation in the Interuniversity Championships held each year, in Catalonia, Spain and international championships.

A university at everyone’s reach

In order to stop economic resources from being decisive when accessing university studies, students can apply for several grants, such as the general grant from the Ministry, AGAUR grants and others from several private institutions. Also, the UB has provided the students with a range of grant programs of its own for several years. This is the case, for instance, of the bkUB grants, for those students with special economic difficulties or unexpected personal situations. Moreover, there is also the possibility to apply for collaboration grants, and other grants to learn a third language, among other alternatives.

Find out the SocUB app and take the University with you!

A professor in an English class.
Students in the University of Barcelona.
Esports UB facilities.
Library in the UB.
Students in the University of Barcelona.
Housing in the UB.