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Student associations

Photograph of students behind a table in the Paraninf hall

The UB considers that activities organized by students, whatever their focus, are one of the best indicators of the university's vitality and modernity. Consequently, the UB aims to support associations and student participation through various measures.

As a member of an association, group or collective, students can get involved with issues that affect students and society in general, discuss them and take action.

There are many associations, groups and collectives at the UB, which can be divided into two major blocks:

  • Cultural associations: these address a wide range of subjects through talks, lectures, forums, magazines on various topics and awareness-raising activities in areas such as the environment, human rights, ecology, consumption, the Third World, poverty and deprivation, and the Middle East. In addition, some associations organize activities related to music, theatre, photography, poetry and sports, among others.
  • Student representation associations: these represent the students on the various governing bodies and defend their rights and duties. They may work with one or more faculties or schools or the entire University.

The UB provides resources to support all student initiatives, including a virtual space (the XAEE), a physical space (the Hotel d'Associacions), a register of UB associations, groups and collectives, and the possibility of obtaining subsidies.

It is important for students to take part in faculty or school meetings, as this is where decisions are made on actions and how to implement them. Consequently, students can participate in the different governing bodies.

UB students participate actively in various governing bodies, including:

The Senate, which is the highest representative body in the university community.

The Board of Trustees, which is the body through which society participates in the University.

The Student Council, which is the most important body for student activity and is made up of all of the students who form part of the Senate.

The Studies Committee, of which there is one for every course of group of courses.

The Faculty Board or University School Board, which is the centre's collegial governing body.


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