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What you will learn

The bachelor's degree in Biochemistry provides the knowledge required to understand the biological processes and underlying molecular mechanisms, and enhances the acquisition of skills in standard biochemistry techniques and experimental design. The degree stands out for its highly experimental nature, including four integrated laboratories and specific practical work associated to the different areas of study: microbiology, cell biology and signalling, molecular genetics and genetic engineering, physiology, cell cultures and tissue engineering, bioinformatics, structure-function of macromolecules, etc. Students are also involved in safe lab work and knowledge of the ethical and bioethical aspects of this area is promoted.

The degree in Biochemistry prepares graduates for a great variety of professional sectors, such as basic and applied research; clinical laboratories and hospital services; technological development; production and management in different industries, such as healthcare, pharmacy, chemistry or agri-food; information and dissemination tasks, and teaching in secondary and higher education. Simultaneously, the acquisition of cross-disciplinary competences is also encouraged, to support the employability of graduates, to help them become professionals capable of adapting to a fast-paced scientific, technological and social environment.

The degree also gives access to postgraduate studies in the field and related areas.

Number of ECTS credits: 240
Branch of knowledge: Sciences
Faculty or school: Faculty of Biology

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