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Dual pathways: Mathematics - Physics

Bachelor's degrees in Mathematics + Bachelor's degree in Physics

At the University of Barcelona we have designed a curriculum that allows you to study both Physics and Mathematics simultaneously. The programme requires that you complete a total of 330 credits in five years, studying subjects from both degrees, plus both final projects  (Mathematics 18 credits & Physics 6 credits).

This dual pathway offers a broad and balanced education in the different fields of mathematics and nature, and in the most relevant methods and purposes of the two disciplines, preparing graduates for a range of related professional careers or for higher studies.

The double degree encompasses fundamental knowledge of physical and theoretical phenomena, the laws that govern them and the models that explain them, and provides training in the competences needed to be able to formulate the functional and quantitative relationships of physics in mathematical language, and to use them in problem solving.
Choosing this programme gives you access to high-level interdisciplinary training, expands your range of career opportunities, and allows you to develop your capacities for analysis, abstraction, intuition and logical thinking, and to apply them in related disciplines.


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Fields in which you can work

  • Fundamental or applied research in research centres.
  • University teaching.
  • Secondary education.
  • Research and development for industry.
  • Private sector computing and telecommunications.
  • Bank holding companies and financial and insurance companies.
  • Consultancy.
  • Environment.
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