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Advanced Studies in Social Exclusion

Skills and competences

General competences
  • Capacity to integrate complex knowledge and translate this knowledge into study, research and professional development proposals applicable to contexts of social conflict or social hardship.
  • Capacity to make critical analyses of social realities and understand the ethical implications of research and professional practice.
  • Capacity to design, apply and assess social science research projects that focus on problems and social contexts in the field of study.
  • Capacity to design and implement processes for the direction and coordination of multi-disciplinary and/or multi-professional research teams.
  • Capacity to produce the spoken and written communication required for projects, reports and records in the area of the social sciences.
  • Capacity to plan, implement and assess theoretical, methodological and technological tools designed to improve and transform social research and intervention.
  • Capacity to draw up, implement and evaluate social intervention programmes aimed at preventing and addressing situations of social exclusion from a perspective focused on human rights, democratic culture, cultural diversity and gender.

Specific competences

  • Capacity to identify and formulate the analytical categories involved in political and scientific diagnoses of situations of inequality and social exclusion.
  • Capacity to apply suitable theoretical and technical models and paradigms to cases of social exclusion, according to specific analytical and intervention requirements.
  • Capacity to develop processes for the observation and analysis of public systems and social programmes to prevent social exclusion.
  • Capacity to detect emerging needs and to propose guidelines for improving the quality of social, cultural and educational institutions.
  • Understanding of and capacity to implement processes for coordinating and developing multi-disciplinary and multi-professional teams.
  • Capacity to design and implement programmes for assessing social and health institutions and projects carried out in these areas within the framework of broader policies against social exclusion.
  • Capacity to formulate and develop innovative social and educational intervention projects.
  • Capacity to devise and design quality indicators and measures to promote the development of good practices and to prevent disputes in professional teams working in the area of social exclusion.
  • Capacity to direct, manage and evaluate social intervention, applying criteria of justice, equality and social advancement.

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