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Innovation in Design for the Tourism Sector

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The master's degree in Innovation in Design for the Tourism Sector provides multidisciplinary research-oriented training, which grants access to doctoral studies. Its emphasis is design research directed to the social and economic activity of tourism, in order to inspire and initiate design-based policies, strategies and innovation for the sector.
In this context, research combines experimentation, investigation and the presentation of proposals based on design practice and thinking. To ensure opportunities for the application and transference of the results of this research, an objective of the programme is to professionalize tourism research and create a profile within the tourism industry of a researcher deemed necessary due to the benefits he or she can provide.

The professional profile being fostered through the master's programme is that of a specialist in design management who can devise, propose and develop innovative products, systems and services. This role would entail analysing tourism to detect problems, offering solutions and proposing possible scenarios for strategic improvement.

Graduates of the master's degree (designers, researchers and consultants) will have the professional knowledge and capacity for critical analysis and creative thinking to resolve situations through experimentation and creative synthesis.

Outstanding features of the master's programme:

  • The opportunity to work on real issues proposed by businesses and tourist offices.

  • An integrated approach to current design thinking applied to the tourism sector.

  • Development of research skills.

  • A single year of study devoted to the preparation of a master's thesis, focused on innovation in the tourism sector through design.

  • The opportunity to visit at least two Spanish cities: Santa Cruz de Tenerife or Las Palmas in the Canary Islands, and Barcelona or Bilbao.

Learning objectives

The goal of the master's degree is to strengthen the role of design in tourism companies' management strategies and to help them to innovate. To achieve this, the following objectives have been defined:

- To apply design research to the search for new tourism products and services.
- To incorporate design thinking as a reflective practice in innovative projects for the tourism sector.
- To develop interdisciplinary competences that combine design, research and innovation.
- To train researchers who can display creativity, innovation, management skills and a commitment to quality in the design of tourism products, systems and services in all areas of design application.
- To apply sustainability and universality criteria to the development of products for the tourism industry.
As a result of the training programme, students will gain competences to carry out design research and innovate in:
- the design of new products and services;
- the design of graphic and communication materials; and
- the design of environments.

Basic Information

Main university:
  • Universitat La Laguna
  • Universitat Barcelona
  • Universitat La Laguna
  • Universitat Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
  • Universitat País Basc

Number of ECTS credits awarded:
Language(s) of instruction:
 Spanish 70%, English 30%
Number of places available:
Approximate price:
 46,50 euros per credit ( 82 euros for students who are not EU nationals and do not currently reside in Spain). Fees for the academic year 2019-2020
Faculty or school:
  Faculty of Fine Arts
Master's degree course homepage:
  Master's degree course homepage
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