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Skills and competences

General competences
  • Capacity to critically analyse the rigour of theoretical developments and the reliability of observations in the field of meteorology.
  • Capacity to propose and assess a relevant problem effectively and efficiently.
  • Capacity to give oral presentations and write scientific articles.

Specific competences
  • Capacity to learn and understand in depth the main physical processes and interactions that lead to meteorological phenomena.
  • Capacity to describe qualitatively and quantitatively movements of the atmosphere at all spatial scales (from turbulent eddies to general atmospheric circulation), and capacity to determine the mechanisms that govern the behaviour of these movements.
  • Capacity to understand the science related to climate change, the expressions and impact that it has and its relationship with past climate changes, and capacity to determine the expected evolution of the future climate and to assess uncertainty and unknown factors.
  • Capacity to understand how numerical models of weather, climate and air quality are formulated on the basis of physical principles, and how they are used for forecasting and assessment.
  • Capacity to analyse and interpret meteorological and climate data using different techniques.
  • Programming skills and the development of algorithms to analyse meteorological or climate data and resolve meteorological problems.
  • Capacity to interpret meteorological diagrams and synoptic maps and to use them to assess and predict meteorological situations. Capacity to assess the risk associated with each kind of forecast, and to evaluate the journalistic content and communication to the general public.
  • Capacity to know how to use the main meteorological instruments and observation systems, and to interpret radar and satellite images.

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