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Nuclear Physics

Skills and competences

  • Ability to study and research in topics started on the frontier of knowledge in the fields of physics Nuclear theoretical and experimental, and technological and medical applications.
  • Possessing an overview of current knowledge of the processes of generation of matter and energy in the universe, exploring the universe using particles and high energy radiation, the description of the structure of atomic nuclei and their interactions and of their connection with more fundamental structures.
  • Ability to use the major tools and methods of computation andprogramming currently used in nuclear physics experiments, and for managing the experimental techniques that are widely used in both environmental and medical physics in the field diagnostic and therapeutic ionizing radiation.
  • Ability to develop scientific research work in the frame or forming part of large international collaborations which combine both theoretical and experimental work and technology.

Cross-disciplinary skills profile

  • Knowing how to apply the acquired knowledge to solving new problems in a broader context (or multidisciplinary) related to nuclear physics.
  • Being able to integrate knowledge and handle complexity, and make judgments based on information that, with incomplete or limited, include reflecting on social and ethical responsibilities linked to the application of their knowledge and judgments.
  • Learn to communicate their findings (and the knowledge and rationale that support them) in the field of nuclear physics and applications and specialized public in a clear and unambiguous.
  • To have the learning skills to enable further study in the field of nuclear physics in a way that will be largely self-employment.
  • Encourage entrepreneurship.
  • Promote and ensure respect for human rights and the principles of universal accessibility, equality, non discrimination and democratic values and culture of peace.
  • Determine the influence of nuclear processes on the environment know the environmental and ethical considerations arising.

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