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Social and Educational Action


The master's degree in Social and Educational Action is intended for students with interests that reach between the social and educational settings, providing them with the means to innovate and broaden their knowledge through the practical application of research. Students will acquire a general competence in planning, research, assessment and advisory work in contexts of socioeducational vulnerability. Since this degree has a specific focus on research, it provides students with the training to access the corresponding doctoral programme.
The master's degree examines current social and educational context and seeks to respond innovatively, fairly and equitably to the various problems it presents. Therefore, one of the main objectives is for students to develop competences to address new and emerging problems and situations in at-risk populations and groups, through research, action, innovation and change.
The master's degree prepares students to work in a broad range of professional areas (including social work, education and community health) and provides in-depth training for tasks in research, management, planning, assessment, consultancy and supervision.
The master's degree is aimed at university graduates in the field of education (social education, pedagogy, early childhood education, primary education, educational psychology and equivalent degrees) or in the social sciences (social work, nursing, social psychology, sociology, anthropology and equivalent degrees), as well as other graduates with proven professional experience in the education or social sector.

Learning objectives

Students of the master's degree in Social and Educational Action will pursue the following learning objectives:

  • To acquire in-depth knowledge and develop a critical perspective regarding the nature of contemporary society, with special emphasis on processes of globalization and change and the impact they have on the configuration and development of social and educational policies, interventions and actions. Part of the aim is to build a framework of thought that serves as a reference for making decisions related to research, innovation and social and educational intervention.

  • To develop the capacity to design and implement social and educational research plans in order to design and develop interventions for innovation and change. This component of the programme places a particular emphasis on participatory research.

  • To develop the capacity to take on roles in institutional management with a high degree of responsibility: planning, management and evaluation of services, plans and programmes in the social and educational fields.

  • To acquire a broad understanding of consultancy, supervision and training in the social and educational fields to be able to design and develop professional actions in these areas.

  • To acquire in-depth knowledge relating to community action as a perspective or frame of reference and as a context for research, innovation and social and educational intervention, with special emphasis on the design and implementation of policies and participatory strategies.

  • To investigate different areas of intervention in depth, thus contextualizing the general and cross-disciplinary training provided by the master's degree, in accordance with individual interests.

Basic Information

Number of ECTS credits awarded:
Language(s) of instruction:
 Catalan and Spanish
Number of places available:
Approximate price:
 27,67 euros per credit ( 82 euros for students who are not EU nationals and do not currently reside in Spain). Fees for the academic year 2022-2023
Faculty or school:
  Faculty of Education
Master's degree course homepage:
  Master's degree course homepage
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