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Frequently asked questions

Imatge estudiants

Below you find frequently asked questions about our offer of university master's degree courses, access, enrolment and the relations between these studies and other degrees.

Oferta i estudis de màster universitari

When is the offer published for the next academic year?  [+]

The list of Master's degree courses accepting new enrolments for the following academic year is published in the UB website during the second half of January.

What kinds of master's degree are there? [+]

Depending on who offers them, they can be:

  • UB-specific master's degree programmes.
  • Inter-university master's degree programmes: coordinated by the UB and other Spanish universities.
  • Erasmus Mundus master’s degree programmes are taught by a consortium comprising at least three universities, with at least one European university. To complete these programmes, students will need to spend a study period in at least two of the three universities.

On the other hand, there are master's degree programmes that qualify graduates to work in regulated professions. These master's degrees may have specific requirements in terms of access and have a fixed cost for all students in the Catalan university system.

How long do university master's degree courses last? [+]

The University master’s degree courses have a study load of between a minimum of 60 ECTS credits and a maximum of 120 ECTS credits, which is equivalent to either one or two academic years. A full time academic year is equivalent to 60 ECTS credits, while one ECTS credit is equivalent to 25 hours of work load.

Where it is deemed necessary by the Coordinating Committee for the master’s degree and depending of the candidate's previous training, they may have to complete bridging courses up to a maximum of 30 ECTS credits.

Can I study one of these courses part-time? [+]

Yes. To study one of these courses on a part-time basis, students should enrol between 20 and 48 ECTS credits. If the student applies for a grant, they should meet the enrolment requirements established in the grants call for applications.

Do master's degree programmes include placements? [+]

Placements may be part of the teaching activities of the master's degree programme. There placements are compulsory for master's degrees that qualify graduates to work in regulated professions.

In any case, each master's degree website includes the information on placements and their characteristics, if required.

What about the language of instruction? [+]

University master's degree courses are usually taught in Catalan, Spanish or English. The language of instruction is specified in the master's degree information sheet or website.

Can I contact the coordinator of the master's degree I am interested in? [+]

The master's degree information sheet includes the teaching centre and the link to the master's degree website, where the coordinator in mentioned, including the office or contact details.


Access to university master's degree courses

What do I have to do to study a university master's degree course? [+]

To access the University master's degree courses you should meet the general and specific access requirements and complete a pre-enrolment application.

In each master's degree course information sheet  website you find the access requirements, pre-enrolment period, selection criteria and contact address.

What qualifications do I need? [+]

Can I access a master's degree course with any bachelor's degree? [+]

In order to acces a university master's degree students should have a bachelor's degree, but for each master's course there can be established specific access requirements, such as access preference for certain bachelor's degrees, knowledge of languages or professional experience, among others.
Also the candidate's previous training may require bridging courses  to be completed before the master's degree courses start

What are bridging courses? [+]

Bridging courses are subjects that may be required to complete before starting a master's degree, as depending on the previous training of the student. They have a leveling character, and in general, they must be completed before starting the master's degree course.

They are access requirements and are not included in the credit load of the master's degree. A maximum of 30 ECTS credits in bridging courses may be required.


When and how is pre-enrolment done? [+]

The period for pre-enrolment and the date of decision on admissions are different for each university master's degree course.

In most cases, pre-enrolment is done online. The pre-enrolment calendar, required documentation and links to pre-enrolment forms are available in the master's degree information sheet and website.

Before you complete the enrolment, make sure you meet or are able to meet the access requirements by the time the master's degree course begins.

Can I pre-enrol for more than one course at the same time? [+]

Yes, but you must pay a pre-enrolment fee of € 30.- per application.
The fee will only be returned if, for whatever reason, the master's degree is suspended.

Should I already have the bachelor's degree to pre-enrol in the master's degree? [+]

No. When you do not meet all requirements at the time of pre-enrolment, but will meet them before the start of the course, you should state so in the pre-enrolment form. At the time of enrolment, you must meet all the requirements and submit the documentation that certifies this.

What is the selection process? [+]

The master's degree Coordination Committee examines all applications, assesses the required documentation and applies the selection criteria to prioritize the applications.

Generally, these criteria include the assessment of the academic records, additional training or CV. The committee may also call the applicant to an interview.


Enrolment and fees

What should I do before the enrolment? [+]

You can check if you are eligible for a grant, exemption, bonus or discount of the enrolment fees and prepare the certificates and documents required.

Information for enrolment

Which grants can I apply for? [+]

You can check the calls, requirements, procedures and deadlines of the grants and financial aid for university master's degree courses here:

Where and how do I complete the enrolment? [+]

The enrolment is completed at the centre where the course is taught. You should confirm with the Faculty if enrolment is on-site or online.

How much does a university master's degree course cost? [+]

The standard enrolment fee for a master's degree course with 60 ECTS credits is between € 2,500 and € 3,300, but the fee may change depending on certain characteristics of the course and/or the student. These are public fees fixed by the Catalan government Decree of fees and complemented with the agreements of the Governing Council and Board of Trustees of the UB.
Fee per credit for university master's degrees
Grants and financial aid for bachelor's degrees and master's degrees

How do I pay the enrolment fee? [+]

Payment can be done by direct payment in cash or in instalments, by direct debit single payment or through a monthly installment AGAUR loan.
Further information


Relations between these studies and other degrees

What are doctoral programmes? [+]

Doctoral programmes encompass a series of activities designed to help you acquire the skills and competences needed to complete a thesis and receive a PhD, the maximum qualification a university can grant and which implies completion of a doctoral programme and the defence of a doctoral thesis.

All master's degrees give access to doctoral programmes? [+]

As a general rule, to access a doctoral programme you will need to hold a bachelor's degree and a university master's degree, but each programme establishes specific admission requirements.

What are 'UB-specific' master's degree courses? [+]

UB-specific master’s degrees and postgraduate courses are programmes that provide specialized and advanced knowledge. They are mainly focused on ensuring that the skills and competences acquired in previous studies can be applied to professional work and enable students to specialize or to refocus their professional activity.
In addition, the University of Barcelona offers courses with a more academic objective that provide knowledge for specialization or for comprehensive training and personal progress.

What's the difference between a university-specific master's degree and, simply, a university master's degree? [+]

Both university master's degrees and university-specific master's degrees are programmes in advanced training, but differences do exist:

  • University master's degree: official degree, with specialist or cross-disciplinary nature, oriented to professional work or research. Gives access to a doctoral programme.
  • University-specific master's degree and postgraduate courses: UB-specific degree, to specialize or consolidate knowledge related to professional work. They are not research-orientes and do not give access to a doctoral programme.

Can I jump from a UB-specific master's degree course to a university master's degree course? [+]

There is no provision for transfers from UB-specific master's degrees or ostgraduate courses to university master's degrees, since the degrees have different objectives. Nevertheless, in specific cases, up to 15% of the teaching hours may be recognized in a university master's degree for credits passed in a UB-specific degree. This percentage may be higher if the UB-specific degree has been phased out and replaced by the university degree.


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