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National and international mobility

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International mobility

The University of Barcelona has a long tradition of collaborating with universities in other countries. The UB offers students the opportunity to carry out international exchanges with over 400 universities in more than 40 countries, in over 15 languages.

International exchange programs improve the quality of higher education and have academic and professional benefits that contribute to the full development of the individual.

Every academic year, numerous students from different places take part of their course in a country other than their own.

There are many reasons for studying temporarily in a university abroad:

  • The subjects that are studied in the foreign university are recognized as part of the student’s course.
  • Students learn new work methods and consolidate their use of other languages.
  • Participants’ academic transcripts and curricula are valued more highly in the job market.
  • Participants gain maturity, tolerance, confidence and initiative.
  • Participants share experiences of living in other countries.

UB students can participate in international exchange programs in which they usually spend one or two semesters in a foreign university. The Erasmus program has more participants than other exchange programs. Some exchanges are organized through general and specific agreements that have similar conditions to the Erasmus program, but enable students to study in European universities or universities on other continents.

See the Erasmus webpage for a description of this program and the general application requirements and the international mobility webpage for all the information on this topic that is applicable to UB students.

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