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Widen your world, learn languages at the UB

Registration and enrolment for level tests are open until October 9, when courses start.

Registration and enrolment for level tests are open until October 9, when courses start.

One of this year’s changes is that anyone interested in registering for an EIM course can chose the split payment option.

One of this year’s changes is that anyone interested in registering for an EIM course can chose the split payment option.



September is here and it comes with the resolutions for the new academic year. Learning languages is one of the most repeated ones each year. However, it is not always easy to do so. Lack of time or money, not knowing enough about the course offerings or low motivation are some reasons why people abandon this objective. The School of Modern Languages (EIM) of the University of Barcelona, aware of this problem, is launching the new campaign for the registration for the 2017-2018 courses with important changes, such as split payment or the personal advising service for English, German and French courses to determine the level of each student. The aim is to ease the access to language learning not only for the UB community but for all society.

“Widen your world. Lean languages at the University” is the motto for this year’s campaign, in which five lecturers of the School are appearing. This is how the campaign tries to distinguish one of the most important values in EIM: the teaching staff. Formed by a team of professionals with teaching experience, EIM offers the chance to learn up to eighteen languages. Therefore it is the university language school with the broadest offering in Catalonia and the one with the widest range: EIM offers courses in the main campuses of the UB, which are around the city of Barcelona, and in the head offices in Badalona (El Carme Cultural Centre) and Sant Joan Despí (Torre de la Creu), with flexible schedules no other center can offer.

The registration to be now opened is for yearly courses and autumn courses. It offers more than 6.000 available registration divided into German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Persian, Russian, Swedish and Chinese. Registration and enrolment for level tests will be open until October 9, when the courses start. Aimed at everyone (no need to be a UB student to register) with face-to-face, blended and online learning, this year’s offering includes senior courses for people aged over fifty-five.

Split payment and discounts in the registration

One of the most distinguished changes this academic year is that any person who is interested in learning languages in EIM can do so benefiting from the split payment. Options for the split payment can vary depending on the course. All details are available in this link.

This goes together with an already existing benefit, the reduced fees, which all members from the UB community (students, administration and services staff and teaching staff) can benefit from, apart from the students from affiliated centers and UB Alumni members. This year, students of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya will benefit from the same discounts in EIM as UB students thanks to an agreement signed by both universities.

Moreover, there is a special fee for UB and UPC students. In order to benefit from this discount, UB students have to book their language course in the moment they register for their university studies (filling in the option in the registration sheet). UPC students can opt for this discount provided they entered university after the 2014-2015 academic year and as long as they register for an EIM course before October 4. All information about these discounts is available in EIM's website.

More aids

In addition, the UB, through the bkUB grant system, and Generalitat de Catalunya, through PARLA3 program, provide the students with university financial aids aimed to defray the costs of the English, German, Italian and French courses to get level B2. In order to apply for these grants, students must have started their studies in the UB during or after the academic year 2014-2015. More information is available in this link.

Online level test and personal advice for English courses

There are more new services. Regarding the English courses, it has two new services. On the one hand, in order to fasten the registration process, EIM offers the possibility to take an online level test. The student will receive the results at the moment and can register afterwards. Therefore, the steps a student has to follow in order to register are notably reduced.

On the other hand, there is a personal and face-to-face advising service with the School’s teaching staff, to obtain information about the English courses and decide which is the best level for each student. This service is also available for the German and French courses. All schedules and location to do so are available in this link.

Preparation for Cambridge exams and other certificates

EIM also offers preparation courses for the Cambridge English exams (First, Advanced and Proficiency levels), the certificates given by the University of Cambridge and assess the English knowledge for non-native people. In addition, students can take the exams in the same center, since the School is an examination center for these tests.

Also, EIM offers exams for other certificates, among which are the Catalan Universities Language Certificate (CLUC) –an official certificate prepared and carried out by the twelve Catalan universities and recognized by the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE)-, certificates for mobility grants and TORFL, the test of Russian as a Foreign Language.

More information on the language courses offering, registration, exam and certificate calendar, is available in EIM’s website and its head offices.

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