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The University of Barcelona improves positions in two important international rankings





The University of Barcelona keeps on progressing and consolidating as the top university in Spain in the main international scientific rankings. In the new edition of the Center for World University Rankings (CWUR), the University of Barcelona steps up to position number 103, and improves nineteen positions compared to 2016. This upward change is due the improvement in indicators such as publications, citations, influence of research and international impact. Regarding scientific performance, it reaches the 50th position worldwide, while it is listed in the 51st, 89th and 92nd positions in international impact, citations and influence, respectively.

This rankings takes into account other indicators such as the quality of teaching –measured by the number of former students awarded with international prizes or honours-; employment of former students; or quality of the faculties, measured according the number of academicians who were awarded international prizes or the given patents.

At an international scale, the list is led by American universities. In the top 10 are eight centers from the United States, leaders being Harvard, Stanford and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Cambridge, in the fourth position, and Oxford in the fifth, are the exception. The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, in the 229th position, and Complutense of Madrid, in the 230th, make up for the first three positions in Spain together with the UB.
The CWUR ranking lists a thousand institutions from around the world out of the approximately 25,000 existing universities.

Good results in the National Taiwan University Ranking

The University of Barcelona improved also in the National Taiwan University Ranking (NTU) and holds a position among the top 100 universities worldwide, in particular number 64 (five more positions than in 2016) at a global scale, and 18 in Europe. The universities of Harvard, John Hopkins, Stanford, Toronto and Oxford are the ones leading this ranking. In Spain, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona holds the 178th position and the University of València the 232nd.

Some months ago the NTU published the listings under the category of fields and subjects. The University of Barcelona is one of the top 50 institutions worldwide in the field of Clinical Medicine (38) and is appears in the top 100 on Life Sciences (66) and Agriculture (70). Regarding subjects, it is the leading institution in Spain in Pharmacology and Toxicology (39), Agricultural Sciences (58), Chemistry (88), Ecology and Environment (78), and Plant and Animal Science (77).
The National Taiwan University Ranking, also called Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers, is a continuation of the ranking carried out by the Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan (HEEACT) and is one of the first international rankings that calculated positions out of a set of indicators exclusively obtained from the indexed scientific production.

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