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Free language courses for the 2018-2019 exchange students





Students with a mobility grant for the exchange program 2018-2019 can enjoy language courses –before going to their hosting university- through the subsided access to summer language courses of the School of Modern Languages (EIM) of the University of Barcelona.

This year, there is a total of 1,378 students of the UB taking part in an exchange program, four-hundred of them passed the level exam in EIM in January. EIM offers 50-hour language courses to those students. These are free for those who took the accreditation test, and will cost 30 euros for the other students. The language of each course has to be related to their hosting country or the vehicular language of the country where they will study (information in the documents of the resolution of the exchange grants).

If the student wants a longer course, the school offers the option of taking the resting fifty hours of a 100-hour course. This information is available in the section Aids and Grants in the website.

Registration for the summer courses is now open. These are the courses international students use to join to study before going to study abroad. The level of the course varies depending on the qualification when applying for the grant. EIM offers students a coordinator to advise them in case they have a higher level. Therefore, the real level of the student can be determined so that s/he benefits from the training.

Regarding English, since it is the most standardized language, courses for Erasmus students are called “English for academic uses”. These courses are specifically designed to get a proper monitoring of the academic activities, and to enjoy a proper stay abroad, with the most common examples and daily situations. There are more languages in this offers; there are courses for English, German, French, Italian, Greek, Dutch, Occitan, Portuguese, Russian and Swedish.

The courses take place from Monday to Friday, and are about 2, 4 or 5 daily hours, depending on the total amount of hours of each course. There are a total of 48 courses, with more than a thousand registrations.

This service of the University of Barcelona has been offered for many years and was successful, since the students benefit from it to consolidate the language they will be speaking in class, or to start learning the native language of their hosting country.



To join a subsided course students have to register in person at the headquarters of EIM, before courses start, stating this condition before being admitted in the exchange program 208-2019. EIM will check the list of the University of Barcelona on the students with the right to benefit from this option, as well as the language according to their hosting country.

For the rest of the students of the University of Barcelona, there are other grants (nkUB and Parla 3) covering a part of the registration of many courses for this summer.

Last, the EIM courses students pass offer academic credits and certificates to validate the language level.

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