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EUS Program: thirty years training top students in collaboration with companies

EUS program student graduation ceremony

EUS program student graduation ceremony



The Faculty of Economics and Business of the UB celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of the Program of Educational Cooperation Business-University-Society (EUS), aimed at students with good academic records in the degrees of Economics and Business Management and Administration. EUS Program allows these students to attend their studies in English and in reduced groups, as well as enter the internships in companies for six months. The students who followed this program say they studied in a “close and pleasant way”, and it helped them entering the professional world.

“Students in this program have professional ambitions”, notes the lecturer Patricia García Duran. “These groups aim high to study and get good grades, which provides an exceptional working atmosphere”, she says. Regarding the high interest from the students, the lecturer says she even gave “extra lessons and seminars that are outside the syllabus for the EUS students”.

The groups in the EUS Program are formed by students with a high academic level: to enter this program, they have to have a minimum score of 7 out of 10, and the English level B2. Students speed their training up, they have more subjects in third grade than the ones appearing in the recommended itinerary so they can exclusively work on the end of degree project during the last semester and take the full-time internship in distinguished companies and institutions”.

“The chance to follow the last courses with a methodology focusing on the labour atmosphere was crucial in my decision to take part in the EUS”, says Mireia Gras, student of the thirtieth promotion of the program, graduating this year. “EUS gathers two of the most important aspects for someone who finishes university studies: English and experience in the professional environment”, notes Gras, who took their practical lessons in a start-up in the food and e-commerce and which is part of the talent internship program in a pharmaceutical company.

Maria Palenzuela, who took part in EUS Program twenty-five years ago, values having followed a different calendar from a normal academic year, “you could either be in class or working, so you could focus on each of these two stages”. “Practical lessons were the entrance to the labour field, accompanied by a tutor”, she says. “I took everything I could from that experience, from how to interact with colleagues, with my boss, to committing to the tasks I had to do, etc.”, notes Maria.

Juan Eusebio Pujol was a student in the first promotion of EUS: “We started the program with a lot of interest and excitement, both students and teachers”. “Since it was a reduced group -says Pujol-, lessons could be taught in a more familiar and fun way. “I remember studying a lot, but we also learned a lot in class”, he says. The former student notes that “thirty years ago, it was not very common to finish your studies in eight months with real practical lessons, so being part of the EUS Program helped a lot, mainly when having interviews”.

The dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Ramon Alemany, states the EUS Program follows the lines of the Faculty: “helping all students develop their potential and chances, find good internships, and helping them in their studies, employment, according to their records and effort”. Also, the dean believes having EUS Program provides the Faculty with great value, since “the contract with companies and institutions allows a return to the needs of the companies or deficiencies of student training”.

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