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1st FORCES Educational Meeting





Last Thursday, November 28, the Institute for Professional Development (IDP-ICE) held the 1st FORCES Educational Meeting. The initiative aims to provide the educational community with the project FORCES, a program that launched in 2017 to create bonds between UB researchers and the research projects that are carried out in secondary education centers.

The meeting served to share information about the digital publication Guia pràctica per fer un bon treball de recerca (TR) a batxillerat. #20 consells essencials –with a talk by one of its authors, Max Turull, who explained the reasons of its creation in order to help regarding the formal and structural aspects of the research projects in high schools. The talk went over the most important parts of the document, which is available in the UB digital repository.

There were two dialogues between researchers and students. The students shared their experience on being co-tutored by researchers of the UB and the researchers valued positively this collaboration with them, which consisted on shaping, specifying and enriching their work.

The meeting included the presentation of a website created by Ivan Nadal, research coordinator and lecturer at Institut Carles Vallbona in Granollers. Resulting from many years of work, the website gathers resources, task timelines, examples from previous research projects and options to share them.

Last, looking into the future, they talked about Service Learning in the activities of the end-of-degree projects (at University) as well as a proposal for the high school research projects. In this sense, they commented on the experiences from the PAULA project, from UB Solidaritat Foundation, and an experience conducted with the bachelor students of the Faculty of Earth Sciences who share their experiences in education centers.


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