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The 6th Science Fest of the University of Barcelona reaches everyone in a different way, since the COVID-19 health crisis does not allow us to hold this activity like we used to do. The Fest is still a must for those who want to see the research carried out at the University, and this is why the Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit (UUC+i), decided to turn it into a virtual fest. Therefore, on May 8, at 9 a.m., everyone who wants can take part in the Fest through the website and the Youtube channel of La UB Divulga, where you can find more than thirty workshops the researchers recorded on video.


Thirty workshops in video

In this sixth edition, everyone can enjoy a bit of this online version of our annual event, which promotes social interest in science, scientific culture and aims to wake up vocations. Now more than ever we see that we cannot take decisions based on knowledge without scientific culture, one of the principles in the organization of the Fest.

Moreover, all videos will be published in the website and in a list in the Youtube channel of La UB Divulga, so these can be seen by schools and families and can serve as an educational resource, specially in this time of lockdown.


The Fest does not forget about any discipline

The videos, playful and disseminating, are prepared by researchers from all areas of knowledge, and therefore the topics are very diverse.

For instance, Eduard Masana, researcher from the Institute of Cosmos Sciences of the UB, talks about the Orion constellation, known for its size and because it can be seen in the winter sky. He also provides tools to build it in three dimensions considering the position and distance of the stars that build it.

The Fest presents a journey to discover the world of ceramics and how archaeologists use it to rebuild the past. Brought by the researchers MartaValls, Judith Peix, Júlia Coso and Sònia Pujals, from the Department of History and Archaeology, their video shows some ceramics made in Barcelona during centuries and explains how to get information by looking at them.

In the video of the workshop Micromons, the researcher from the Faculty of Earth Sciences Fadoua Zohra Oumada talks about the origins of different soils and how to list them.

Also, Bruno Porras, from the research group on Applications to Virtual Reality and New Technologies in Clinical and Health Psychology, shows in his video the benefits of applying virtual reality in the treatment for food behavioural disorders, specially anorexia nervosa.

In another video, Joan Guàrdia, head researcher in the research group on Quantitative Psychology, shows how the brain works and how statistics and mathematics can help us study it, and he presents an activity to test the connection we have between attention and motricity.

There are very diverse videos. Some, for instance, discover the different phases of the development of a medicine from the moment researchers identify a therapeutic target until it can be sold. Others go into the field of science and material engineering with disseminating explanations on the 3D print, new building materials with sustainable vision and biomaterials. There is also a workshop to solve conflicts, among others.

The Science Fest is organized by the University of Barcelona, through the Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit (UCC+i), with the support from the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology – Ministry of Science and Innovation, and the Barcelona City Council. In addition, this edition counts on the collaboration of the companies Panreac AppliChem ITW Reagents Division, PCE Instruments and Aigües de Barcelona.


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