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The University of Experience expands its training offer with a program on Humanities

People who want to enrol in some of the training programs of the University of Experience can do so on the website.

People who want to enrol in some of the training programs of the University of Experience can do so on the website.



The registration for the University of Experience regarding the next academic year is ready. This year it expands its offering with a training program in Humanities. Registration opened on June 15, now students can enrol in some courses and extensions, and after June 29, it will be open to the general audience so people can pre-enrol in first-year courses. Given the exceptional situation regarding the next academic year, the University of Experience has planned a wide range of programs. The first-year courses will take place through the resources in the Virtual Campus of the University of Barcelona. The second-year and extension courses will be carried out in a mixed format: a face-to-face course is planned, but it can change into an online course if the pandemic-related circumstances require so and there is no room available to respect the safety measures the health and academic authorities require.

Learning for the sake of knowledge

People aged over fifty-five who want to enrol in some of the training programs of the University of Barcelona can do so in the website. There are fifty places for each course; if there are more than fifty registrations, the allocation will be done by draw.

All programs in the University of Experience provide a high-level training in several knowledge fields and most follow a mixed training model shared with bachelor students in some courses. No previous training is required, and the length of these courses is of one or two academic years. The courses are given by the lecturers of the University of Barcelona.

The University of Experience offers, regarding the new academic year, a new training program in Humanities, which is added to the already fourteen it had.

A mixed offer in all knowledge fields

Regarding the next academic year, the training program offer is very wide, and it covers all areas of knowledge.

It offers an integrated and cross-sectional view of the field of food, nutrition and gastronomy, with multidisciplinary content from different fields of food sciences.

It studies the several elements that build the Universe up, ranging from the solar system to the dark matter and energy, going through the stars, planets and galaxies. It also covers issues about the Earth, related meteorological and climate phenomena and the study of meteorological forecasts.

It provides and introduction to the main art disciplines (drawing, painting, sculpture, photography) in order to acquire the bases to get started in the contemporary practice of arts. There are two groups in this program: G1 (mornings) and G2 (afternoons).

It offers a theoretical and practical introduction to the world of libraries and archives, as well as the Internet and social networks, as a tool for knowledge and personal relationships.

It offers a view of the great variety of living beings that live in the planet and the result of millions of years of evolution that led to the great biodiversity of the moment. It also analyses how the human beings, part of this biodiversity, are able to make an impact and modify it as a species. This program offers the possibility to carry out the practical lessons and field trips to complement the course training.

It offers a basic training on prevention and promotion of healthful habits, from a multidisciplinary perspective, in order to identify the most efficient healthful response when coping with a problem. In this sense, the course analyses how to establish priorities, take decisions and carry out a proper action plan. It also shows how to manage assistance resources with efficiency and quality criteria.

It offers an introduction to the field of creation, interpretation and application of law and legal rules, analysing the fundamental problems and concepts. At the same time, it studies the concept of state and its features as a social and democratic state of law.

It offers an approach to the world of social economics, circular economy, social policies, the welfare state, evolution and future of the pensions, and other relevant topics such as the study of the labour market and senior work, analysis of social gerontology and family rights.

It covers the most relevant topics of our culture through philosophy and through the most representative philosophers. It works on the readings, analysis and debate of texts and philosophical formulas, and the ability to show an attitude of reflection and critical evaluation of the exposed topics.

It works on the basic bases of the history of art (typology, theme, methodology, technique, etc.) to understand and contextualize a piece of art from ancient times to the recent artistic works of contemporary times.

It provides the necessary basic information to understand the transformation of human society with the multidisciplinary knowledge generated by history, archaeology, anthropology and geography.

It provides a panoramic view of the topics related to different disciplines of the field of human sciences. The generalist and cross-sectional profile of this program establishes a dialogue between the main pillars of the humanistic knowledge: history, thinking, literature and art.

It offers a basic training in the different areas that make the human language and theoretical and practical bases of literature, from a universal and a national perspective, so that classic, European, Spanish and Catalan literatures can be analysed. Also, it treats the necessary aspects to study communication and the multidisciplinary knowledge of cultural industries (cinema, scenic arts, phonographic industry, etc.).

It offers the basic content of psychology (individual and social) in oder to know how people think and act, and to know more about the pathologies and main disorders as well as their diagnose and treatment.

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