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New edition of 'The UB in figures' with the highlights of the year 2020/2021





Coinciding with the opening of the academic year, the new edition of The UB in figures arrives with the highlights of last academic year. The document summarizes, in a four-panel leaflet, the main strengths of the University and its academic activity, and the evolution of some variables over the last years.

The document states the evolution of the number of bachelor degree students, which was 41,540 in the year 2020/2021, the 63.5% of them being women. It highlights that among the new students, 559 had an admission mark over 13. It also mentions the 79 consolidated teaching innovation groups and the 100 active teaching innovation projects. Moreover, it states that, once the graduates finish the studies at the UB, their employment rate is of 88.8% according to the AQU employment outcome study. Regarding UB master’s degree graduates, this rate is of 88.7% and as for doctorates, 93.3%.

In the chapter of research, the document mentions the 958 active research projects and the increase in the number of scientific publications, which reaches 7,112 publications. Regarding the main data in research structures, it mentions the sixteen UB-specific research institutes and the eleven observatories. Moreover, it highlights the fact that four of these UB institutes feature the María de Maeztu excellence accreditation. The UB in figures also shows the raised funds for research and transfer: 139.837.093 euros in 2020. Another relevant figure are the 117 entities in the Barcelona Science Park. On transfer, it notes that, through the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation, 720 contracts have been signed, and 73 patents have been applied for.

There is other data related to the staff: the TRS is formed by 5,963 people and AdSS by 2,387, with a percentage of women of 47.1% and 63.5% respectively. Regarding economy, the document states the 425,150.660 euros of the budget by chapters. Regarding services, it shows that CRAI libraries have a monograph and magazine fund in paper that reaches 1,804.108 copies. Another figure are the 7,334 direct beneficiaries of the actions of UB Solidarity Foundation, and the 7,365 Alumni UB members.

The UB in figures is a reference document for governing bodies and the members of the university community. Also, it is a presentation letter of the University for other institutions, both national and international, and society as a whole. Written by the Technical Bureau of the Rector’s Office and published by Editions and Publications of the UB, there are 1,850 copies in Catalan, Spanish and English.

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