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Invitations to Els Vespres d’Hivern

Flamenco Queer.

Flamenco Queer.

Anna Mieke.

Anna Mieke.



The invitations for the first concert of Els Vespres d’Hivern cycle will be available on January 20. The first concert will be the performance by Flamenco Queer, which will take place on February 4. There has been a schedule change in the second concert, which will be offered by Anna Mieke instead of Brigid Mae Power as scheduled. The invitations for the Anna Mieke concert can be reserved on January 27. 


These are the first performances in Els Vespres d’Hivern:

February 4. Flamenco Queer (invitations will be available after January 20). Taking traditional identity as the starting point, they claim the inclusiveness of flamenco and remind us that, in early 21st century, the queer, transvestite and flamenco community came together in the neighbourhoods of Raval and Poble.sec.

February 11. Anna Mieke (invitations available after January 27). The new voice of the Irish independent folk. It visits us in a trio format to sing the brilliant songs of the album called Idle Mind, inspired by a route around Europe by bike and her stays in New Zealand, Bulgary and Granada.

Once again, culture and music are at the heart of the UB: the concerts of this cycle, projects with a great personality and artistic value, will take place in the Paranimph of the Historical Building, one of the most spectacular rooms of this city. We will enjoy Flamenco Queer’s scenic freshness, and the folk brought by the Irish Anna Mieke, as well as songs by the Majorcan Maria Hein and Nil Ciuró’s piano. These projects revisit the folkloric roots and update them with an intersectional feminist view.  

The successful attendance of previous editions makes it clear that this cycle has become an unmissable event in Barcelona. 

The program is brought by the cooperative L’Afluent, which is also in charge of the artistic direction of Barcelona Acció Musical (BAM) in Festes de la Mercè. It keeps the risky, open and cross-sectional spirit of the cycle and it broadens its view with the addition of a content curator team.

The concerts, which are free, will take place on Fridays during February, in the evening. To book the tickets, which will be available from January 20 in a gradual way until reaching maximum room capacity, please visit the website of the cycle.

COVID-10 health measures will be updated and stated via the official channels of Els Vespres d’Hivern.

The other two concerts of this cycle are: 

February 18. Maria Hein (invitations will be available after February 3). The young woman from Felanitx debuts with Continent i contingut (Hidden Track Records): ten songs that bring thoughts, problems, doubts and certainties, like a mug that starts to be overfilled and needs to let the water flow. 

February 25. Nil Ciuró (invitations will be available after February 10). Pianist, composer and producer who merges minimalism, contemporary music and experimentation. He celebrates the publication of the captivating Oversoul, edited by the Swedish label 1631 Recordings.  




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