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Outgoing students

If you want to study in a university abroad, here you can find information about language requirements, course offerings, cultural activities and language exchanges for practising the language and meeting exchange students from other countries.

Language requirements at the host university

Historical Building

Each international exchange programme has specific requirements. In general, knowledge of the language of instruction in the international university (the language in which classes are taught) is one of the criteria used to select students for international exchange programmes and prioritize the available places.

The School of Modern Languages (EIM) offers subsidized or free language courses for students who have been awarded a place on an international exchange. 

Erasmus+. Languages of teaching and required levels [+]

The bilateral exchange agreements signed between centres specify the languages of teaching and the required levels.

Besides, Erasmus+ establishes that students should complete a test before and after their stay abroad. The results do not have academic value, but are useful to assess language progress during the stay in a country with another official language.
In some cases, the programme can also provide access to an online learning platform for Dutch, English, French, German or Italian.

The UB's International Mobility and Programmes office offers School of Modern Languages (EIM) courses at discounted rates for people on exchange programmes.


Please check the language (or option between two languages) and the level of proficiency required or suggested to be eligible to participate in exchange programmes with other European universities. Data is presented by faculty and country as established by the agreements signed within the Erasmus+ programme.

- Required language skills according to Erasmus+ agreements

Language learning and self-access language learning

Language learning and self-learning

Offers courses with lecturers, self-access learning, and directed learning activities in over thirty languages:

Multilingual university phrase books

Language resources

If you want to learn phrases and expressions that are common in university life, you can look online at the Multilingual university phrase books (also available as an app)



Romanica Intercom

Romanica Intercom

If you want to learn to read in four Romance languages simultaneously, namely Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Italian or French, consult: Romanica Intercom


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