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The UB's language policy

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The University of Barcelona is conscious of its special responsibility to the Catalan language, and reiterates its commitment to Catalan society to protect, use and promote the language of Catalonia, as stated in its Statutes and in its Regulations on language use.

Official languages

Catalan is the specific, official language of the University of Barcelona, and as such it is used for institutional and administrative matters. In university teaching, both Catalan and Spanish are used as the official languages of Catalonia. Therefore, advanced knowledge of the two languages is not essential to study at the UB, although written and oral comprehension of both languages is necessary. The University continues to provide training for all international and non-Catalan students and teaching staff so that they can gain a command of Catalan or Spanish in a short time.

Lecturers have the right to choose which of the two official languages they wish to use in their teaching. Students also have this right and can state orally or in witting which official language they would prefer. Students can write their assignments and take exams in either of the two languages, irrespective of the language used by the lecturer. In accordance with the principle of linguistic transparency, the websites of the UB schools and faculties indicate which language will be used for instruction in each subject  (Catalan, Spanish, English or other languages).

Occitan, or Aranese in Aran, is an official language in Catalonia and at the University of Barcelona. Therefore, the UB is committed to promote Aranese Occitan in university activities.

Languages and internationalization

The University of Barcelona, which is one of the main academic institutions in Catalonia, has a clear international presence in the areas of teaching activity, research, and knowledge and technology transfer. As a result, the UB must adapt to the new contexts produced by academic, student, lecturer and researcher exchanges, and professional exchanges of administrative and service staff.

The UB is committed to incorporating multilingualism into the heart of the institution, in response to the context of internationalization established by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and in respect for linguistic and cultural diversity and the broader concept of multilingualism promoted by the Council of Europe's Language Policy Unit.

The UB's strategy of excellence at international scale means that it also promotes knowledge and use of international languages at different levels among members of the university community who need languages for reasons related to international mobility, which could be institutional, academic, professional, employability, linguistic and cultural interest.

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