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Social policy

Development cooperation

Development cooperation project in Africa

The University of Barcelona places a strong emphasis on solidarity in two broad areas: development cooperation and social action. More than 200 members of the UB community are currently involved in 161 solidarity projects, initiatives and actions aimed at fostering closer relationships with the social agents involved.

Social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship

The Office of the Commissioner for Participation, Employability and Social Entrepreneurship (POES) seeks to establish an extensive network of public, private and third-sector agents committed to the principles of the social economy, with the over-arching aim of offering members of the UB community a series of alternatives to the incumbent economic model and contributing to social welfare in Barcelona and throughout Catalonia.

Gender equality

Students carrying out research at the UB

The UB’s Plan for Equal Opportunities between Women and Men sets out a series of actions that aim to incorporate the perspective of gender into all University activities, fundamentally in teaching and research, but also in academic advancement, in the composition of governing and management bodies, and in the pursuit of work-life balance.

Integration programmes

Integration measures for students with disabilities

The University of Barcelona operates a range of programmes designed to help students with permanent disabilities, students with temporary special requirements and students with specific cultural needs to integrate fully into academic life. Specific agreements have also been signed with the Hospital Clínic and the Catalan Institute of Oncology in the framework of the Studia Project, which provides academic support to university students with long-term medical conditions.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Since its founding as a public institution, the University of Barcelona has maintained a strong commitment to the needs of the society and country that it serves. The UB strives to extend this sense of commitment to all members of the UB community and makes every effort to reflect it in institutional policy on social responsibility.

The environment and sustainability

Trees in the gardens of the Historic Building

The UB is taking steps to become more sustainable by promoting the reduction and recycling of waste, the increased use of bicycles on and around its campuses, the use of recycled paper and an increased focus on renewable energies. The institutional commitment to the environment and sustainability is also reflected in the teaching and research carried out at the UB's faculties and schools.

The UB as a Health Promoting University-HPU

The UB as a Health Promoting University

In April 2011, the University of Barcelona joined the Catalan Network for Health Promoting Universities ( and the Spanish Network for Health Promoting Universities (REUS). HPU networks strive to integrate processes and structures into higher education culture that support a commitment to health and health promotion.

The UB "Time Bank"

The UB Time Bank

The Time Bank initiative (Banc de Temps, BdT-UB) aims to encourage people from across the University to contribute to the creation of a new space that will establish and strengthen ties between members of the UB community.

UB Volunteering


UB Volunteering is a space open to the UB community and to wider society that aims to foster solidarity and a greater sense of social and civic commitment.

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