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The UB in figures

Photograph of the Historic Building


Course offerings


16 faculties
9 affiliated centres
74 EHEA bachelor's degree courses
157 university master's degree courses
48 doctoral programs
215 UB-specific master's degree courses and postgraduate diplomas
07 university extension courses
597 lifelong learning courses (IL3-UB)

Photograph of students




62.995 students, combining:
42.377 bachelor's degree and pre-EHEA and diploma students,
5.662 university master's degree students and
4.714 trainee researchers and
9.147* postgraduate students

14.109 new students (bachelor's degree  and master's degree)



Photograph of a lecturer




5.696 members of teaching and research staff
216 contracted research doctors
2.288 members of administrative and service staff

Photograph of students in a laboratory




88.326 euros in research and technology transfer
5.741 scientific publications
403* doctoral theses submitted
60 departments and 1 research and training  service (UFR)
251 consolidated research groups
878 active research projects
611 research grantholders
15 UB research institutes

2 University research institutes

10 Research institutes with UB participation

5 Inter-university institutes

Photograph of international students at the UB


International activity


11.524* international students at the UB, from 131 different nacionalities
1.895 international students on exchange programs
1.340 UB students on exchange programs abroad 
3.478 agreeements with universities and other institutions outside Spain

Photograph of UB installations


Installations and services


662.774 sq m constructed surface area
16 Libraries

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