Do you have a certificate?

Mostra de sol·licitud de certificat lingüístic

If you know a language at a B2 level or higher, take your certificate to the Secretary’s Office so that it can be:

  • Added to your academic record.
  • Featured in all transcripts you request.
  • Included in the European diploma supplement (EDS).


Estudiants de la UB

Knowing foreign languages is fundamental for any university student, so actually having a certification to proof it has become increasingly important in recent years. Being able to speak languages promotes mobility for study reasons; while it can also be of help to find a job both here and abroad.

If you already have one or more language certificates, take them to the Secretary’s Office of your Faculty and we will add them to your academic record. In this way, it will always be featured in all transcripts you request and, more importantly, it will be included in the European diploma supplement (EDS).

The European diploma supplement (EDS) is a supplement to the official degree certificate that contains information about the studies you have pursued and your outcomes, the professional skills acquired and the level within the national higher education system. This information is valid and unified for all EHEA countries. The EDS is issued in three languages: Catalan, English and Spanish; it can be used to request admission to other universities for postgraduate studies, scholarships or international placements. Besides, together with your CV, it is an official certification of your study and knowledge of languages.