Romaní, J.; Casado-Díaz, J.; Lillo, A.
  • Any: 2018
    On the links between spatial variables and overeducation. Applied Economics Letters, 23 (9), 652-655
    DOI: 10.1080/13504851.2015.1095996

    This article considers the role that diverse spatial variables play in explaining overeducation. Unlike previous analyses of the Spanish case, we have directly tested the links between current mobility (commuting and migration) and overeducation, and in contrast to previous literature, we have included a direct measure of potential spatial flexibility at an individual level (worker availability to migrate, in response to the needs of his/her firm). Regional labour market conditions are also considered in the analysis. Our results show that the links between overeducation and spatial variables vary depending on the specific sub-group of wage earners considered, based on gender and education