Berlanga Silvente, V.; Figuera Gazo, M.P.; Pons Fanals, E.
  • Any: 2018
    Predictive model of university persistence: students with "salary scholarship". Educaciķn XX1, 21 (1), 209-230
    DOI: 10.5944/educXX1.15611

    The social dimension of higher education is one of the fundamental elements of university policies at an international level in this early twenty-first century. Among the retention measures, scholarship policies and study aids support equity and guarantee an income for families with lower levels of resources. In Spain, within the framework of the 2015 Strategy, the implementation of the "salary scholarships" aimed to ensure access and persistence at university for those economically disadvantaged social groups. This research uses a logistic regression model aimed at seeking the determinants of retention of students on a scholarship. The study was conducted with a total of 642 undergraduate "scholarship salary" students of the class of 2010-11 at the University of Barcelona. Based on the results we can say that the probability of a scholarship student in this study population persisting with their studies increases with an increased filing fee and a high percentage of subjects passed. The estimated results suggest that the scholarship provides greater dedication to study and compensates the difficulties of students from low-income families. And so it becomes a powerful tool to ensure social equity.