Invited speakers

The Benefits of Non-rational Learning
Motor Origin of Temporal Predictions in Auditory Attention
What do Artificial Grammar Learning Experiments tell about Animal Rule Learning Abilities?
Artificial Grammar Learning and the Primate Brain
Sing to your Baby, using Musical Cues to Boost Speech Segmentation in Infancy
What does the Study of Music tell us about How the Brain Deals with Language?
The Emergence of Multisensory Selective Attention in Infancy and Its Role in the Development of Speech and Language
Speech is Special and Language is Structured
From Specific Examples to General Knowledge in Language Learning
Neurophysiological Correlates of Auditory Rule Learning across Development
How Bilingualism Affects Children’s Thinking about People, Animals, and Objects
Perceiving Non-speech as Speech based on a Moving Mouth. Findings from Infants, Children, and Adults
Fueling Speech: The Role of Reward in Word Learning
Does feedback-based learning affect the acquisition of language rules and categories in adult learners?